link 12 Jan Mi colección de discos en fotos / My record collection in pictures»

Acabo de abrir este tumblr donde iré poniendo fotos de toda mi colección de discos y objetos musicales, y dónde/cuándo los conseguí (si logro recordarlo). Ya publiqué fotos de todos mis discos de PJ Harvey.

I just opened this tumblr where I’ll be posting pictures of my entire record collection and musical objects, and where/when I got them (if I manage to remember). I already posted pics of all my PJ Harvey albums.

photo 23 Oct


// NEW ALBUM: Algodón Egipcio - Los Remixes de La Lucha Constante //

So this is it! After putting out each and every single track for ten weeks, today is finally the release day of the remixed version of my debut album, La Lucha Constante, which is appropriatedly called Los Remixes de La Lucha Constante.

This is a very international release, each track is remixed by someone from a different country. Here’s the tracklist:

01 El Día Previo (Monokle Remix) / Russia, premiered by Big Echo
02 El Ingenio Humano (Low Sea Remix) / Ireland, premiered right here
03 La Transformación (El Sueño de la Casa Propia Remix) / Chile, premiered by Super 45
04 Los Párpados Caídos (Pacheko Remix) / Venezuela, premiered by Las Reseñas de la Nonna
05 La Condición (La Prueba A) (Torkelsen Remix) / Norway, premiered by Gaffa
06 El Sonido Ensordecedor (White Rainbow 1998 Ford Explorer Interior Remix) / USA, premiered by Impose
07 La Repetición, La Repetición (Francisco y Madero - ‘El Negrito Remix’) / Mexico/USA, premiered by Me Hace Ruido
08 Los Asuntos Pendientes (La Prueba B) (Teen Daze Remix) / Canada, premiered by Exclaim!
09 El Escapismo (Balún Remix) / Puerto Rico, premiered by Puerto Rico Indie
10 Los Temas Turbios (Los Pilotos Remix) / Spain, premiered by Jenesaispop

We’ve been working on this for a long, long time. I hope you all enjoy it and download it and share it. Special thanks to all the amazing people who did the remixes, you guys absolutely rock, thank you for your time and creativity. Also thanks to my friend Valentina Alvarado for making the cover art and individual artwork for each track. And thanks to the websites that did the premieres, and to Lefse for coming up with the idea.

Los Remixes de La Lucha constante is out NOW on Lefse Records.

Click on that image, get it now!

photo 6 Sep


Nuevo show de radio: Los Desconocidos.

Hey! A partir de hoy, todos los jueves tendré un programa llamado Los Desconocidos, a través de la radio Voy a cubrir principalmente música chévere que se esté haciendo en Iberoamérica y Brasil, además de alguna que otra cosa buena de otro país.

Hoy tendré música de Venezuela, España, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Perú, México, Colombia y Noruega. Sintonicen! A las 9:00 pm, hora de México, por acá:

Y pónganle atención al resto de la programación, hay shows de Alexico, Mou de Bam Bam, los Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Dave y Violeta de Ratas del Vaticano, y más, hasta conciertos los sábados.

Non-Spanish speaking people: every Thursday, starting today, I’m hosting an internet radio show called Los Desconocidos. If you want to know a bit more about contemporary Iberoamerican music, and don’t mind listening to me speaking Spanish, tune in today at 9:00 pm (Mexico City time).

photo 22 Aug


CARACAS! Algodón Egipcio + tlx
Sábado 25 de agosto
Discovery Bar
10:00 pm
BsF. 40

Este sábado! Pongo en pausa un momento el trabajo del disco nuevo para tocar con una de mis bandas venezolanas favoritas: tlx, de Maracaibo! Estaré estrenando un par de canciones nuevas, no se pierdan esos previews.

Click en el flyer para ir al evento en Facebook.

photo 21 Aug


// FROM RUSSIA: Algodón Egipcio - El Día Previo (Monokle Remix) //

Hey everyone! Today we’re announcing the upcoming release of a remixed version of my debut album, “La Lucha Constante”. It’s called “Los Remixes de La Lucha Constante” and it will be out October 2nd, on Lefse, FOR FREE.

The catch is: each track of the album is remixed by someone from a different country, and will be premiered on a website from its country of origin. Every week, starting today and in the album order, there will be a new track out and free for download.

We’re kicking this off with the remix of “El Día Previo,” by my new friend Monokle, from St. Petersburg, Russia. Big Echo, an excellent Russian website you should check out right now, just premiered it, so go over there and grab a download (click on the image). This is one of my favorites of all the remixes, so if you dig it go check out Monokle’s Soundcloud.

The artwork for the album and for each track is made, again, by my friend Valentina Alvarado, whom I love and is always helping me with this.

So there it is! Keep checking back here, or on Twitter or Facebook, to get more free remixes every week. Hugs!

photo 12 Jun

Aprendí a bajar videos de Youtube y a hacer gifs en Photoshop nada más para ESTO :’(

video 6 Jun


NEW VIDEO: Algodón Egipcio - La Transformación

My dear friends at Club Fonograma just premiered the “La Transformación” music video. The video is fantastic and it was so much fun to make, even with the fact that I had to wear a tight green mask on practically every take.

Thanks to all the great guys from MOSTRO Contenidos and Design or Die, who made the video, Miguel, JM, Carla, Elvira, Johan, Juan Teppa, Kuizz, Gabo, El Fad, and Bruno the Dog.

Hope you enjoy it!!

photo 23 May


NEW SONG: Algodón Egipcio - La Plegaria

A couple of months ago I was asked by my friend Luke from International Tapes and Coco from Coco’s OCD to participate on The Nablus Project, where I had to make a new piece based on a 25-minutes recording of a Muezzin call to prayer, made on the Nablus mountains. This recording has a huge and beautiful natural reverb (that later proved to be very hard to work with).

The entire compilation, which also features 11 other tracks made by Helado Negro, MEGAFORTRESS, White Ninja and more, is now for sale on Bandcamp. Please, if you like it, spend the 4 bucks, all the money will go to charity.

IMPOSE made a note on the compilation HERE.

photo 1 May


CARACAS! Festival de la Lectura Chacao 2012
Viernes, 4 de mayo
Plaza Altamira (Tarima Norte)
8:00 pm

Este viernes toco en el increíble Festival de la Lectura que se montaron en Plaza Altamira. Para todas las edades. Así que aprovechan, van con la familia, compran un libro o dos y ven el concierto, que va a ser en la tarima norte, que está sobre el espejo de agua detrás del obelisco.

photo 9 Apr


Finally! The cool guys @ Nrmal released today the Norte Sonoro EP 1. This is the resulting work of a residence/festival they organized past November 2011 in Monterrey, were a bunch of international producers and musicians, including me, had the chance to reinterpret the sounds of northern Mexico. I had the chance to meet and share with so many talented people, such as Helado Negro, Mumdance, DJ /rupture, Toy Selectah, White Rainbow and Chanca Via Circuito, and we all managed to produce very interesting pieces of work, each one of us took the music they provided us and gave it their own style.

My track is called “La Espina del Cardenche”, it’s a piece that mixes elements from different styles, and the lead vocals are from the song “Yo ya me voy a morir a los desiertos”, recorded by Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz. These guys are pushing 80 years old and are the very last cardenche group in history. I will always remember when they saw me perform this song live and said “now we know our music will live forever”.

Hope you can find a couple of minutes to listen to our work and share it with your friends. It’s a free download!

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